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Family law is an umbrella term used to describe many areas of the legal system that involve family matters. Kary L. Key is experienced in the areas of divorce, custody, child support, modification, enforcement and CPS cases. Kary L. Key will do her best to guide you through this difficult process.

We'll protect your family when they need it

Kary L. Key will work to make your divorce proceedings as painless as possible. With proper representation, your family law issues will be handled professionally.

- Divorces

- Child custody

- Custody modifications

- Custody enforcements

- Child support


- Grandparent cases

- And much more

We offer a variety of family law services:

We understand that cost is always a factor when you consider reaching out for legal counsel. Know that Kary L. Key diligently works with you on an individual basis to determine an appropriate payment plan that fits the needs of your budget and current situation. If you should ever have questions or concerns about paying for your legal services never hesitate to email our firm.

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