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When it comes to being a horse trainer, not many people understand that you need to have important legal documents put into place, and the proper contracts signed, in order to protect yourself and your equine business. Kary L. Key makes this process easy for you to understand so that you can take the proper precautions.

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In 2003, Kary moved her practice to Weatherford to be closer to the horse community she actively competed in. She loves the horse community, and it's her passion to protect of all those involved in it.  

Our firm can help you understand and execute the appropriate provisions necessary to protect your interests. We offer personalized boarding, training, breeding and sales contracts for those in the horse and animal world.

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Know that Kary L. Key has been in the horse industry for many years and has many friends who are actual horse trainers, with whom our firm has provided legal services too. You and your equine business are in good hands when you seek out the legal advice of Kary L. Key. Never hesitate to email us with your questions and concerns about equine law in the state of Texas.

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